Attorney Profile: Keith Rodgers

Keith Rodgers received his Juris Doctorate degree from Faulkner University, Jones School of Law. He has a broad based legal practice that encompasses criminal defense, corporate law, family law and personal injury. Keith has a penchant for taking on unconventional cases. He practices in several municipal and state courts throughout the State of Alabama, and is currently admitted to practice law in federal courts in Alabama, Georgia and Texas.

Serving Alabama Clients with Unique Education & Experience

Keith received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Alabama in 1985 where he taught inorganic chemistry lab as a teacher assistant for the Department of Chemistry. Keith earned a second Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from the University of South Alabama in 1991, where he accepted a position as adjunct faculty in the Department of Continuing Education from 1990-1995. He taught students in the paramedic curriculum human anatomy and physiology, electrocardiography,  and basic & advanced cardiac life support. Keith did graduate study in the biomedical sciences at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine from 1985-1988, and graduate study with New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 2009-2010.

Helping to Educate & Build a Stronger Community

Keith is a regular guest lecturer at South University, Montgomery, AL campus in the Legal & Criminal Justice Program, and at Birmingham School of Law.

Family Connections

Keith is married to Teresa Rodgers, a loving wife, medical transcriptionist, and caring mother. Keith is the father of six children; three sons, Jacob, A.J., and Luke; and three daughters, Christi, Kayla and Sarah. He and his family attend First Assembly of God in Montgomery, Alabama. Keith enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, restoring automobiles, and philosophizing about life through differing analytic lenses of Medicine, Law and Theology.


  • Juris Doctor, Jones Law School
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Alabama
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from the University of South Alabama


  • State of Alabama Bar Association
  • Montgomery County Bar Association
  • Federal courts of Alabama, Georgia, and Texas

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