AAuto Accident

If a reckless driver caused a car crash that seriously injured you or claimed the life of a loved one, our compassionate Montgomery lawyers fight hard to protect your rights to maximum financial compensation for your losses. We are a firm of problem-solving Alabama attorneys who have been taking on the most challenging accidents that our clients experience.

EEstate Planning

Even clients with moderate finances can gather property that requires a well-tailored estate plan to protect that birthright for their heirs. The Rodgers Law Firm, is dedicated to giving  each client, regardless of the size of the their wealthy, with high-quality estate planning services at a reasonable cost. Whether it's a writing or probating a will, forming a trust, or litigating a dispute after the death of a loved one, we are experts and handling these types of needs.

CCriminal Defense

Any person under investigation, indicted, or charged with a crime risks devastating consequences if not defended by a skilled and knowledgeable attorney. If you are concerned about criminal charges, against yourself or someone you care about, contact our offices in Montgomery and ask to speak with an attorney.


Family law protects the rights of singles, couples, parents and children — before, during and after a marriage. You should have the support of an experienced family law attorney during any transition: divorce, stepparent adoption, grandparent adoption, a modification to a child custody or support order, or preparation of a prenuptial agreement.

"All people are equal before the law. A good attorney is what makes a difference."

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When Should I Sue A Car Dealer ?

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When Should I Sue A Car Dealer ? If you buy a used car and are unhappy with it, you do have some legal recourse. But there are a few factors that will impact what...


My brother and I recently received legal services from The Rodgers Law Firm to handle a Landlord/Tenant problem we were having. Keith Rodgers provided expert legal advice in a timely fashion, and guided us through the entire case with genuine concern and attention to detail. We’d highly recommend his services.”

K. Hernandez

“The Rodgers Law Firm has been a help to me, personally, and to my family as a whole, through the unfamiliar process of divorce. At every step of the way, they have gone to great lengths to help us all through what are certainly difficult times and issues.”

Laurie G.

Keith Rodgers


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